Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So...Just how many people can you fit into a photo booth??

I can't count the time's we've heard this questions..."So, just how many people can you get into the photo booth?" WELL, we've been able to squeeeeezzzee quite a few people into our photo booth...

We started out being excited to fit 7
We were stuck there for a time..having LOTS of fun though...

Then someone got the bright idea to try squeeeezzzinngggg in
one more, but with some props to add to the fun...

After a few more events, we thought we might try to beat
our last hightest number...and added a couple more and got to 11!

We were stuck at 11 for quite some time - still having a blast!

And finally...we had a group looking to break our record...
How many can you see that fit into this picture!?

We're looking forward to your event being the next to break the record!! Can you find 15 or more who want to take on the challenge!?

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