Sunday, May 13, 2012

How old were you the first time you were in a Photo Booth?

If I think back....waaayyyy back...I can't remember ever being in a photo booth while I was real small. The first time I remember being in a photo booth was during an school class trip to Valley Fair. Aaahhhh...just the memory of a warm spring day spent at the amusement park with friends and LOTS Of laughter puts a smile on my face. I actually came across that photo strip recently, and to my delight - it hadn't faded a bit!

I recently spent a significant amount of time gathering and scanning in pictures for my grandfathers 90th birthday party. And to my suprise, he had a couple pictures from a photo booth from way back when he was in the Navy. And to my delight - he even remembers the names of the people who are in the photos with him. It can definitely be said, that photo booths are a part of American History, they have been making people smile for decades!!

What is your earliest memory of being in a photo booth?

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