Friday, May 18, 2012

Middle School (tween) Fun!

We'll be returning this evening to Minnetonka Middle School East for their 5th Grade Fiesta, we were at this event last year and have already been to the MMWest 2012 Fiesta last month. Before our first event with them last year I wasn't quite sure what to expect, all I could think of was the overwhelming thought of 200 5th graders running around with High School Volunteers and a handful of parents to keep the chaos as organized as possible....BUT, we were pleasantly suprised and have been so excited to be invited back to both locations again this year (and hope for many more). I have to give these kids a lot of credit, they are much better behaved than I remember myself and my friends being at this age ;)

In only a couple short weeks, we'll also be returning to SACS 8th Grade Graduation party for the third year in a row - we are extatic to be invited back again, it's a much smaller group (compared to the MME or MMW groups), but still just as fun!!

It's absolutely amazing how much fun these kids can have in the photo booth, maybe it's because I've grown up and don't have kids of my own yet, but the creativity of these kids is AMAZING!! They go in the photo booth over and over again and rarely come out with the same pose repeated - even on multiple photo strips!

Maybe we - as adults - could take some lessons from these tweens, that props aren't necessary to have fun with goofy faces and some good laughs in a photo booth!!

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